Commencing operation in 2007 by Wendy Tsao, Child’s Own Studio was established, transforming children’s artwork into loveable plush toys. The concept initiated when Wendy created a softie for her 5 year old son to take to school as a comfort toy for his emergency kit.

In 2015, Wendy felt like she had taken the company as far as she could and wanted, making the tough decision to sell the company. Wendy was committed to finding the right person to take over the company; someone who shared her ideals and commitment to value and quality.

Alex Blois-Brooke and Wendy communicated for several months prior to Wendy making an official decision. Wendy liked Alex’s attitude towards business and his outlook for the company. Alex invited Wendy to visit his production factory, located on the other side of the world.

Wendy spent a week touring the facilities, which were clean, well-equipped and staffed by positive and happy employees. Wendy was walked through Alex’s manufacturing processes and showed samples of work.

There were two things that persuaded Wendy that Alex and his company were the right buyer for Child’s Own Studio. The first was the metal detector, a step that was used as part of the toy-making process, whereby every single toy passed through this customized metal detection station before being packaged and shipped. It was clear to Wendy that the safety for their customers and their staff was paramount.

The second persuasive motivator for Wendy was the community first approached the company had and the support is showed to the local orphanages. The company’s humanitarian endeavours, which fell outside their business activities, revealed their personal values and their philosophy that supporting children is the best way to build a healthy society.

Following her visit to the factories, Wendy knew that Alex and his team were the best people to take Child’s Own to the next level.

Owning and operating the company for more than a year, Alex and the team are now producing hundreds of personalized toys per month and shipping these one-of-a-kind creations to more than 200 countries, putting smiles on faces across the globe.

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Choose this option if you want to create a unique Softie based on a child’s drawing. Feel free to include the child’s age and a little bit about their artwork. You can upload the image online.

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Softie Selfie

A Softie selfie is a fun way to bring a great photo of you or your child to life. Our crafters and makers will create a 3D plush version of you or your child using the photograph or portrait you send us.

Photo Requirements: Two photos required of full length body photo, along with photo showing face detail.

All billing will take place in US Dollars

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