Back into the groove :-). As always, I like the variety in the drawings and ideas. I’ve seen so many drawings and I am always amazed how each drawing is as unique as the child who drew it. And I am thankful for the variety – I wouldn’t be doing this otherwise.

I am taking more liberties in my softie-making, though. There’s a debate on whether the softie should be made exactly as depicted in the child’s drawing. In my humble opinion, I believe the craft artist’s interpretation is as individual as the young person who drew the drawing. Together, two artists collaborate to create a softie, each one contributing ideas and skills. Although the drawing/design belongs to the child, the design of the softie belongs to the craft artist. This also means that there are three people who have to be happy with the end result: the young artist, the craft artist (me), and of course, the person who paid for it.

by Aiden, age 7

by Alyssa, age 5

by Anson, age 5

by Anson, age 5

by Chad, age 12 (Contest Winner)

by Markus, age 18 months

by Matthew, age 3

by Riley, age 3

by Sophia, age 10

by Townshend, age 5

Stanley Brambles

by Tessa, age 6

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A Softie selfie is a fun way to bring a great photo of you or your child to life. Our crafters and makers will create a 3D plush version of you or your child using the photograph or portrait you send us.

Photo Requirements: Two photos required of full length body photo, along with photo showing face detail.

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